Helping you take care of Type 1 Diabetes.

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Introducing A New
and Powerful Digital Tool

Relieve stress and improve
the outcomes of Type 1 Diabetes


Utilizing CGM and Real-Time Values

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Is Not Enough


Help When It's Needed

Connects actions to glucose values and designed for anyone using a CGM.


The Diamon Difference

Great for keeping kids and parents on the same page.

Bringing the Future Forward

Minerva Analysis is constantly innovating digital healthcare solutions - below is a snapshot of some of the work our team is building. ​


Diamon App

Pairs CGM values with parental instructions. Serves as the basis for other products and premium versions.​


Cloud Advisory System

Personal calculations based on food, insulin and carbohydrate historical responses​. Predictive CGM curve to avoid an emergency. Feedback advises pump programming, insulin dosing, and carbohydrate intake.


Loop System

Fully automated system. Bluetooth pump connected to the database automatically responds to the instructions provided by the app.

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Diamon + CGM


Real-time communication between all linked parties


Clear, immediate care actions based on CGM data


Shared awareness and peace of mind

Health Monitoring In Your Pocket

A digital tool that works for you and your family.


Notification alerts based on CGM data, straight from the app.

Multiple Modes

For children, parents or caregivers - switch between a variety of modes.

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